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You can almost hear the chattering jaws of the audience as the words Celebrities and drug and alcohol abuse are bandied about. But then you notice the one who is staring at you with those dark, bloodshot eyes of hers. You know it when you see it; that one does not belong here. She sees you and her eyes widen in shock. Her mouth hangs open in a wide-open scream as her hair ruffles in an attempt to pull back the plait and reveal her face. You see a tear run down her cheek as she clutches her hands to her face. You have known her for a year now, and you have always tried to keep things professional. It is no easy feat with a girl who cant keep her own feelings to herself the way she wants to. But you cannot see how the girl is going to be able to handle seeing you like this. You dont use your newfound celebrity status to get free alcohol. You have a job to look after; your mother is worried sick about you, And probably relieved, of course You dont need anything she can give you. She doesnt look like she wants anything, and you can tell by the look of shock on her face that she does not want your help. The one to ask a question is the one who has been standing nearby since the first song ends. Hey, do you have any advice she asks. I think the best thing you can do right now would be to leave immediately. You can hear the sniggering behind you from one of the few people left in the crowd. You can only guess that you just caused a scene. I even went out of my way to stand near the side of the stage so no one would bump into me. She looks at you, her dark eyes full of confusion. You saw me and my boyfriend here. We were just standing there when I felt a great wave of dizziness hit me. I was so disorientated I didnt know where I was, or how I got here.

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