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This is just a small sample of the awesome things Ive heard about Panama from other travellers and my own experiences here. Plus, I can add a few more to it, as Ive already discovered and explored a couple of amazing destinations. Ill add to this list every time I travel. Plus, Ill be updating this list periodically so stay tuned. And if you have any suggestions, please add them in the comments. This is the first of a few sections where Ill be writing about whats going on with me while Im here in Panama. I dont have too many updates right now, but this is why I think this is a good idea, so if theres something you want to know about, and I cant answer it, please let me know. Also, because Im writing about my own adventures here in Panama, Ill be adding my travel tips, ideas and opinions in this section too, so if theres anything you think I should do that isnt on this list, let me know and Ill do it. What to Do in PanamaNow that youre here, its time to see what is the best thing to do, right now. Its not too late to see Panamanian culture. I guarantee that youll be amazed, as I was, about some of the things that youll get here. My Thoughts on PanamaWhen you are in a foreign land for a long period of time, you often get out a different perspective on that place than what you had before. I have gotten out of my comfort zone a couple of times while I was working on the blog, and every time, I learned something new and different. Sometimes, Ive had the experience where I was completely surprised by something that was going on, and was really grateful that I had such an opportunity to see something that intrigued me. Like this time, which I was so surprised by the things I learned while I was there. It seems that the people in Panama are extremely friendly as well. I had an opportunity to talk with some of them, and some I didnt see again for a long time, but still remembered their names. At the end, I realized that they were like one of the people I met in Costa Rica. They were more or less different, but every once in awhile, Id see them and it would spark an interest about them. Every once in awhile, they would be like a surprise that kept you on the edge of your seat, wanting to see.

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