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You head outside and take a few pictures with the celebrities before asking them a few questions. One of them, a girl dressed in a pink dress, she looks rather young for a celebrity says that she went to a very exclusive private high school and was then transferred to a not-so-private school in the city. Another celebrity, a male model, maybe its Clint Eastwood says that he went to a local high school and then transferred to a private one, where his parents had to get a waiver and he was assigned to a school in the city and a state school in another part of the country. 1After taking all the celebrities statements into account, you decide on a plan. You tell the celebrities that once they reach their destination, they should all meet at the bar and have a few drinks before heading to the city. You then take the lead and take your people in a few more pictures of the celebrities before they head off to their destinations. The next day, you have a lot more people than you had yesterday. You also get a lot more calls from people asking questions about the celebrities; in the time that youve been on the job, you had to speak to more than a dozen people. Most of the calls were a mix of questions and in a few cases, people complaining about the celebrities theyd seen partying with locals the night before. It gets so bad that some people start to think youve gotten yourself into trouble, so you decide it might be best if you took a day to rest. You tell most of your people, which makes you feel better about the calls, but still and you head out into the wilderness where you decide to take some time to yourselves. As a break from your other job, you decide to go for a walk and hike some of the nearby trails. 2A week passes and youre actually starting to get used to the place and your surroundings. Theres still the constant presence of the celebrities around you, but it seems like you at least have a bit of a base to return to should the need arise. On a whim, you start asking around about a place called the Lost Dutchman Mine. You dont get very far, though, before you start to hear about some other places as well. A place called the Black Diamond Mine is claimed to have a large underground cavern, and on top of it the ruins of an abandoned civilization. A place called the Lost City of Gold is said to be filled with treasures and the remains of an underground civilization that thrived in the area thousands of years ago. Other rumors say that the Black Rock Desert is actually a large underground cavern where civilizations once thrived, however, underground creatures and other dangers lurk. It seems like the legends about these places are more than just urban.

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