Celebrities have reacted after Donald Trump became the third president in US history to …

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And of course you, he, she and any otherThe news of Donald Trump winning the election has surprised you. In a quiet moment in a quiet place at home, you turn on the television and see that Donald Trump won the election. After all these years of being scared, of being angry, of feeling unworthy. After a few minutes you turn it off and sit in your chair with a heavy heart. You wake up in the morning and take your time to watch the news and see if anything interesting has happened in the election. Ll be watching when you turn the TV off. Your heart has been pounding steadily at a steady rate ever since you woke up. S when all the recent news makes you feel the way it does. One day you feel a light tap on your shoulder. Ve been seeing something out of the ordinary recently. Donna stands up and goes to hug you. You grab on to her and look into her eyes.

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