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From Los-Angeles to Paris these are celebrities with their own ideal homes. ELLE Decor decides which celebrities have made the most luxurious choices in their homes. The celebrity homes in ELLE Decor are on the line of happiness. Elle Decor celebrates celebrity homes with this beautiful decor. The Celebrity Homes in ELLE Decor are celebrity homes. ElleDecor celebrity homes decorating celebrity homes in ELLE Decor. Page 1 of 1By now, youve seen the video of the black boy with the nasty name at the school bathroom, which many students were outraged about. That kid in the video is the 13-year-old son of a friend of a friend of mine. He is not the kid who has to use the bathroom, and so he does not have to worry about how other people will perceive him. I do not care if this kid is bullied at school his parents are perfectly entitled to allow their child to suffer in silence. What I do care about is that the video is in no way an isolated incident. In my own personal experience, I have had other classmates of mine ask me to leave the school bathroom because of the color of my skin in fact, I received a letter saying that I was using the bathroom with a racial slur. While I think these are absolutely deplorable, its not just a one-off incident. During the time that I was in sixth grade, I had a classmate tell me that my skin was supposed to be a skin color. He didnt know the difference between a red head and a brown head, he wanted to know.

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