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MAY Reveal New Revealment As We Look At Your Sight Around Downtown Atlanta And The ATL. You dont bother pretendingSick of the whole fake looking and acting like youre impressed, you simply say, That sounds like me. Youre not going to bother with pretending anymore. I thought you were into pretending like you were. I just didnt think you were that way about it. You look around at those that are watching you. There is a pause as some look at you, some look at the show, and a few look at each other. Those that look at you are all the ones that you expect to find. Once again you look around and look at the stage and its empty. This show must have been a flop for you and you werent even paying attention. Dont bother texting me, Im not responding. You turn and walk out of the theatre while its empty and out of sight. You go to a nearby liquor store and go out into the cold night air to watch someone else perform a show. You do it a couple more times as the night goes on and by the time you finish its morning again and youre back to your boring apartment. You wonder what else youll do in the upcoming days ahead. Youve got some free time and you could take advantage of it, you just dont know what. You waitYou decide to wait to see if anything else comes out of it, but you dont get a lot later and the show doesnt last that long. Youre starting to get pissed off seeing the same thing time after time. You decide to just watch a different show. You decide to try out some local band that you saw on the stage today. You dont want to be a complete snob and stick with one show a day so you decide to go for a place that isnt too far away and is a decent band. You decide to try out the local band The Dead Milkmen because youre sick of The Dead Milkmen being on the television show and you can hear about them from your neighbors. The Dead Milkmen have a facebook page and are pretty active by your standards. You decide you should give the band a shot and they wont get too mad about you leaving just one show. You decide to be a little nicer to them and go.

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