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You are right now reviewing the Amazon Kindle edition of Kindred of the East: The Shambhala Story by Warren Allen Smith. You cant remember a time when you werent having problems with the Internet and the wireless connection since you started buying and reading more books. Its not like you dont have the patience to read, you have a mind that can absorb all kinds of info, but it doesnt leave you very much time to actually read. You remember that Smith is a long time fan of your writing and that you reviewed his book here a while ago. You also remember how he got the idea for his fantasy novel and how you gave positive reviews to his first one after it was first released. And then there were the two of you writing a long story together in 1993. You must have been so excited to have been granted the privilege of doing so. You review Kindred of the EastThe Shambhala ConnectionThere was a time when I had the idea to write a story involving the Great Forest Temple of Shambhala. The ideas went by so fast that I cant remember what had been decided before I made a decision, but I certainly knew that it had to be a big theme, and that meant it had to be bigger than just being a place where the gods or spirits reside. The Great Trees are everywhere, but I decided that they didnt get enough time in my novels because they are always just peripheral characters. The Great Forest Temple would have to be central to the plot, with the other major characters being the inhabitants of the forest itself and their relation to it. I dont remember what led to the idea that the Great Forest Temple is also the center of a race of trees called the Shambhala Trees, but the only people I could think of who have ever spoken with a Shambhala Tree were those that have visited that Great Temple and had their lives changed by finding that they had a connection to the Shambhala Tree Gods. Some scholars believe that the Great Trees are simply the last living embodiments of that connection. I had forgotten about The Shambhala Connection until I ran into a short review of Kindred of the East here. I had no idea it had been recently released, and I was surprised to see that I had reviewed it several years ago, but I always did find Shambhala in the title. I cant remember when I found the first review for Kindred, but I remembered because I used to look at some of the reviews and comments I found there a lot back in the day, and I remembered that I had listed Kindred of the East on my Top 10 Shumblest of the Year list. There was also a time when I had a couple of other novels about the Sh.

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