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You upload your friends videoYou post your friends video and watch as it goes viral. You realize that theres so much going on at once. You realize there are a lot of people who dont get it. You realize there are a lot of people who dont care. You figure youre a pretty good judge of character and you dont think youre being a complete idiot by not posting your friends video to the world, right. You post a video of yourself doing the same routine. Youre getting more than a lot of celebs are right now. Youre getting people who havent even heard about your situation, but are going to watch it and then theyre going to ask you questions, right. Theyre always the ones on top and theyre always the most important. You decide to post something else too. You post a photo of yourself being arrested for stealing a wallet and are the subject of a nationwide story on your arrest. People are starting to know about you and being the most important person in your world just gives more attention to you. You post a video of you singing Im On Fire for whoever is watching and see that youre the subject of a song about you, too. You post a photo of you doing the same routine for everyone to see and see that theyre still talking about you. You watch yourself and hear yourself and see yourself and believe. One day youre in a bathroom stall and you notice youve gained a few pounds. The rest of the worlds no longer giving you the time of day. You look in the mirror and realize youre a little taller, or at least your chest is. Its a little easier to move into a taller closet now that you have the extra space. Other aspects of your lifestyle havent changed at all. You still eat, and you still have your drug of choice, but now it feels just a little different. The pills you eat seem to make you feel a little more energetic. The heroin you snort feels like it makes your brain buzz and gives you a little more focus in the mornings. Your drugs of choice, while certainly fun and they give you an adrenaline rush you were never really getting from the pills, just seem to help you focus in some way. The police cant always catch you on a regular basis and even if they do, youve become a little more.

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