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I once worked as a part-time tour guide to the stars in Paris. A lot of people like to visit the stars but they like to do it in a certain way: with expensive flights, luxurious accommodations and all that other expensive stuff that only the rich can afford. If all you want to do is go to an outdoor concert in a park, you can get to the park for free. 80 for a one-day pass to the Louvre, Paris most popular museum. But you cant get to the Louvre without a pass, and the Louvre is not open to the public on Sundays. So if you really want to visit the Louvre and you cant afford the whole thing, you have to either leave early or go to a day-opening where admission is a little cheaper. So now youve got me in a tough spot. But I cant afford to leave early on Sunday for the museums or Ill end up with a much less pleasant experience. So I have to choose between the Louvre or the outdoor concert in the park. I leave early and spend a lot of money on that day. I could have left the other way and gotten to the Louvre a lot cheaper. In the same way I could have gotten a free pass that way. In fact I could have used that same pass to get to the Louvre and then have left, spent a little more money and still ended up at the Louvre. 800 on the day but Id still get to the Louvre. Id have to stay longer but thats OK since Im coming back to the Louvre later, so Id have a few more days to spend. I got to the Louvre to find the ticket office closed. I couldve made it to the Louvre on a day-opening, but I never wouldve done it. Id have just taken my chances at paying the full price. I didnt get to the Louvre too long when I did get a hold of the ticket desk. I was asked to show a student ID and some other ID for some sort of admission verification. But I guess I had some student ID or my own student card because I was able to get the ticket booth opened up. And once I got into the ticket booth, the ticket lady gave me the most awful look I have ever seen on anyones face.

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