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Locked You name your firstborn DavidYou decide to name your firstborn after David Campbell, because after all its David. And there is nothing like naming your children after people in your life. You would like to think that this name will be the one that your child will eventually follow, after you die of natural causes, though that isnt a certainty. Year 12Year 18A New MissionA few months after you had finished with your mission, you receive a letter from another cult member who had been transferred from one mission to another, because of some incident during the course of your mission, and she wanted to come on a new mission, with you to the city of Sturgis, about a day and a half drive from your current location, because she was bored at her mission, she mentioned she is now doing some work at a carnival. You tell her that this new mission is perfect for her, and that you are just going to tell her to go on to work at the carnival, and that she should just come on your mission to the city on her own, and that she would have plenty of time on your next mission. You continue your missionYou continue your mission, just as you had been taught to do. Your firstborn is currently in the care of the cult that you served for the last fifteen years. You wonder what your other children are like, and if your son has any siblings, because you will always wonder. Your daughter is pretty, but if you had to guess youd say she has the appearance of her sister. If I had to guess as to which is which, Id say shes a mix between her and her sister. Your youngest child is your youngest son. Hes about your age, and I think hes the most normal of them all. I cant be sure, of course, because I havent been paying attention to him for so long. But Im fairly certain that hes the same age as yours, so hes the least mature. Year 1Year 3Year 5Year 8Year 11 You name your second child after John LennonLennon, because you just love the name, and you just want to make sure that your son will always remember the name. Year 15Year 18Year 20Year 22Year 27 You and your husband are having difficulty getting your son into a normal, structured environment. You take on a new hobby: playing dress up, and dressing up your son to play on the sides of the road.

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