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They are also making a new eating plan movie that they are going to be filming right now called The Great Ketogenic Diet Debate. This eating plan and the movie are going to get people so excited that we are expecting a huge increase in the diet in the near future. This is going to make people like us very, very happy. It is a terrible plan, and you are about to find out how terrible it is. You and everyone else at the table sit in silence. Okay, just sit down and talk about this, you say. I dont have all the answers; I dont even know what the right plan is. But I do know this: I dont want to do this plan. Everyone looks at each other, and you realize that youre the only one still looking at the table. Do whatever you need to do, but get the fuck out of my goddamn trailer. There is some whispering, but you barely hear anything other than quiet voices as you listen for any sounds of movement or movement out on the street. Because I want to help you, she says in a very low tone. Then she leans in a little farther and whispers, Because youre my brother. THE ENDYou dont have all the answers, but you do know one thing for certain. I really like you, you say softly. You spend your days studying the rules of this game and your nights training to be the best pilot in the business. On day five you finally crash the ship and jump to freedom. A couple months pass, and youre having a hard time concentrating on even the simplest of tasks. You feel like your mind is a river that cant stop until all the thoughts that are in it are concentrated on one thing. Youre having a lot of trouble sleeping, as well.

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