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The GoyardsSo are we really going to do this or are we going to stick to our crazy asses plans of taking our army of gaffi rods to the next city. What is going on, you got one of those bags. No, but I got one of those bags in this thing. You start looking at the big green sack. This is a bag, not a bag of holding, I mean how many bags are there. Youre seriously planning on going to the next city and doing all this stuff on foot. Call in a truck to come take us there. Weve got a better idea; we got a bus. You and Goliath look at each other again. He says as he places the bag on the ground. Im ready to go, lets go then. Goliath says and takes a big mouthful of bag of holding. You and Goliath make your way into an underground area. Its dark, but the fluorescent lights are hanging on a high, in the direction of the next city. So which way do we go. The duo of you walk slowly forward on the dimly lit trail until you see a small clearing in the distance. Theres also a small road that goes past. Were gonna a forest, we found a big ol tree to hide behind. Ill be fine; Ive got some bags of food in the back. The pair of you head back to the trees, until you find a nice place to camp out. Morning comes and you see that its still dark. Lets go, I want to get some of that food we found. You make your way out into the woods, and Goliath follows. After about a half mile, you come across a group of three.

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