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You take one look at your phone and see the incoming number. Its a number youre familiar with, but you cant help but have some concerns. You pick up the receiver and let out an audible sigh of relief. S not just because of my daughter. S really sweet of you to text us. Ll be sure to call you as soon as the show starts. Re ready to see it and we can take you on tour together. You put the phone down and take a deep breath. You then begin shaking your head. D take that number and make him feel absolutely horrible. How much power does he have over you. Has he ever taken a number like this before. You ask for his numberYou decide to try something a little different. Ll do anything to get his phone number. Ve never given out my number before. M serious man, your number is going to be begging for a lot of phone calls. Re not going to like this, but I might try to talk you into giving it to me. M not trying to fuck you, I just want you to give me your number.

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