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A dark force that will consume anything and everyone and drive them mad in its wake. With a sudden jerk and a bright flash, you find your mind completely in the grip of a thousand dark spirits who have come to take control of your mind. As their control is complete, they immediately force your hand to be raised up and down. You cannot stop them and you cannot even scream out your own name in order to wake up from the nightmare. Instead you are forced to listen to their voices, the endless voices of countless dark spirits that endlessly torment you. You are the puppet of a thousand dark spirits who live in your mind, tormenting you with their voices in your ears and your mind in your own. As your fingers are forced up and down the strings of your mind, you can hear your name being shouted out in order to raise the spirits to attack. You scream as you are dragged into the void as your mind is stripped of its mind and taken over by the darkness. The End of the BeginningYour last moments on this earth are spent lying on your back, blind to the fact that you are lying on a dirty floor, with the door open. Your eyes are closed and you cannot even lift your hands to try and stop the pain of your arm. Something is very wrong and you do not know what, but you know that whatever this is, it will not be pleasant. You open one of your eyes and find that you are lying on a plain, gray floor, with a single chair by the wall. Your entire body can still feel the pain in several areas and your head hurts as well.

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