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Do Not End Your Screen SRD. Its a beautiful day in the city of New York City. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive explosion rocks your city causing a large crater in the ground. Smoke billows as you see debris falling from over the citys skyline and can barely see over your apartment building. S the largest explosion in New York City since the Great Quake of 1906. You look out your kitchen window and see a dark cloud of smoke and debris rising over the city, heading toward your building. You hear a loud explosion and see a dark cloud of smoke rising. You then see a dark shape in the smoke. S enemy fire or the police, but both sound deadly. You look out the window and see a group of people running from the gunfire, but not making it. You dont want to get caught up in the gunfire so you start looking for a safe place to hide. S on fire so you douse yourself with water and leap out of the window. You land on the ground outside the burning building, and try to put out the fire before you get burned. You see cops driving the truck that blew up with the bomb, and one of them comes up to you. You run awayYou run as fast as you can and hide in the woods. Minutes pass as you wait, but nobody comes. You hear shouting and a lot of shouting from the police though. You look out one of the trees and see the whole street completely destroyed, and the police chasing a person who looks to be a terrorist. Another minute passes as you look out the other tree and see the police chasing the terrorist who was hiding in an apartment building. S no way to escape, so you hide and hope that nobody comes and finds you by the time it comes time to escape. They pull you out of the tree and throw you into a police van. You leave the van and run as fast as you can. You run in the direction of the smoke and run, until finally you arrive at your old apartment building.

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