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Quora18 Dec 2017For Hollywood celebrities, the right answer might be No, according to Quora. Com, the voice of the online masses which surveyed over 100,000 active users to determine a winner for the question, Do you think Hollywood should stay out of politics if they can do so effectively without negatively affecting their careers. The question was posted to the question-and-answer community on Friday, November 18th and was answered with the following results:For those of you who cant make it to social media, the answers are as follows:There is a vast difference of opinion over whether or not celebrities should stay out of politics. This seems like one of the few areas that could be a cause for discussion, but there seems to be an assumption that Hollywood is somehow more affected than the average individual, or even the average film or music festival attendee. The assumption is that since the average person cant be affected in the same way, they have no right to discuss politics, or to complain about the political influence. Its possible that, in some ways, the average person is more affected because they are just an average person. It would be a lot different if you were an actor on a huge blockbuster movie. If the movie was a big hit, you would probably have a chance at a big pay raise in the future. In the same way, if you play the violin, you could expect to be paid well for your hard work. If you feel that way, then you might want to discuss politics with your friends or your neighbors, if you have enough money to not only attend a movie or play, but also a political rally if it ever shows up in your area. But you cant do that without money, unlike a movie, or a large group of friends, unlike a music festival and your only real option would be to not attend all together. The point isnt whether you like politics or not, the point is whether or not you can afford to attend a rally or not, and if you cant, then you shouldnt. As one person pointed out, if celebrities really care about the rest of us, then they should stay out their politics, and not take money from those who do. But the problem with that is, when it comes to political matters, celebrities are often involved. If they dont have a stake in it, then its not their problem. But if they DO have a stake in it, then it feels like they have a responsibility to speak out. If pop singers dont have any political opinion to speak out on, well, then they need to do their own research, which isnt as easily accessible as it is with politics, and thats why a lot of artists have a hard time breaking their silence on social issues.

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