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Female Celebrities First Name Starts With C. Hey, dont you work at the computer lab. A voice from behind you whispers to your ears. You turn your head and see a woman with sandy blond hair and a light complexion who immediately makes eye contact with you. You look down quickly and avert your eyes. You quickly take a few steps back and then she sees that youre keeping your distance and gives up. You take another few steps and she takes yet another couple and then you both stare at each other for a moment. Her voice sounds a lot softer than the first time you saw her. You feel like the person who answered you was a little too friendly with you. You turn your head away and attempt to cover your mouth with your hand. This of course seems to amuse her quite a bit. You really are a weird one, You say. I mean youve never seen me before in real life, and Ive never seen you before in this goddamn room, but I think we do have something in common. We both like books, Jane responds back. Well, you seem like youre into science fiction and fantasy, and while that does overlap with my interests in science fiction and fantasy, I guess that doesnt make us anything, but Im a big fan of your stuff. You smile and nod, giving a thumbs up. Ive gotta say, your voice is lovely. Im not sure if I should say I like all my own voices. I enjoy a lot of voices, but I do listen to a lot of people. I actually like horror, because thats the genre Im most familiar with. I also like crime, thriller, and science fiction, but I dont follow those that much, because I like my own stuff too much. I do really enjoy your music though; its beautiful. Youre a little surprised, but you feel like shes talking about you a bit too much. I like your music, too, but I dont really have that many friends like you. I mean I have my friends, but everyones a lot more selective than you seem to be. I prefer things that are more socially acceptable even if thats not the most popular.

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