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From deleted sent 8ku KkJust for the record, Matthew Perrys is the son of the woman who lives in the trailer park and has a son Matt. I believe the trailer park people arent related, but then their son is like 6, and their daughter like 4. SIf it wasnt for the fact that Kameron has more than enough problems just trying to live her life, but its too late for her now. Youre going to give her the love she needs that will help her live her life as best she can. In the meantime, youre going to do what you have to do and leave her on her own to deal with it. You leave Kameron to think about what you just said for a while. You dont really want to go to Matts trailer, but youre tired of being on edge all the time. Youd rather just go to Matts trailer and lay in your bed without worrying about anything, just so you can just sleep a bit easier for the night without having to keep thinking of shit. You have some problems to deal with right now, but eventually you should sort out them. You go through your own problemsYou cant just be running around trying to find ways to make everything better. You take a deep breath and make your way to Matts trailer. Its a bit dark in there, but its better that they dont see you entering with K.

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