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It all comes down to the Bank of England: does it decide to go ahead with massive quantitative easing, or not. In late September, the Bank of England held its monthly meeting in the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One of its goals is to set the interest rates the British government has to pay. The British government has already decided that the next British interest rate will go up from 0. When the British central bank meets, the British government announces its stance on interest rates. At the same time, the British central bank also issues a statement, on an eight-point scale from neutral, meaning it wont change its policy, to unchangeable, meaning the rate will be raised The statement sets the agenda for the Bank of Englands next meeting in December, which is where things get interesting. It would seem that the British government is holding firm on its current policy, but the central bank is not. The UKs interest rates were already on a downward trend, and the central bank wants to keep doing its job of raising them. The decision to raise interest rates is not completely arbitrary. It also happened to coincide with the end of the financial crisis, a period of robust economic growth. The UKs central bank is an independent body and the government has many different interests. But it has a similar goal: its citizens like their rates low, yet they are worried about economic stability. The Bank of England cannot raise interest rates just for the sake of raising interest rates. It has to keep inflation from rising and avoid a severe economic downturn. The UKs current growth is lackluster, but thats not the economys fault. If they were willing to spend, then they wouldnt be struggling with debt and an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent. There is no alternative, and the British central bank has to keep pushing up the rate. The British government is the only one with a vested interest in keeping the economy strong, so if it doesnt want a recession, it should keep raising interest rates. The Bank of Englands main reason for keeping interest rates so low is to control inflation.

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