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So I got my self a house here in California. Re in the middle of a conversation with yourself right now. S a better place to live while you look for a job. Fuck, why the hell is it a house in West Hollywood. Re such an expert on places to live, I guess I shall ask the same question of you. Well, you might be asking yourself the same question in the present right now. Why the hell are you writing this shitty blog entry right now. This might be your last chance to not start posting on it right now. Re supposed to be at peace with your decision in the first place. Re just going to write a shitty blog entry and move on with your life. Re actually just in a bad mood right now and have no actual reason for it. T feel like going through the process of coming to a conclusion on how you feel about it either so you decide to just write the damn passage all over again. You just repeat this process every single day for a week until you finally give up. You just go through the motions of going to work and living your life as usual. Things are slowly getting better in your life, so why waste any time feeling anything about them. Re just going through the motions of living.

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