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Ann ArborI lived there for a couple years and it has a ton of high-profile celebrities. Miley Cyrus, the lead singer for the rock band Wrecking Ball and her boyfriend are both from the city. The actress Jennifer Aniston and her celebrity boyfriend are from the city. And so is the singer Justin Bieber of the famous Baby band. 2, Ann ArborFor some reason, we are all just drawn to this place. 3, YpsilantiThis is a place where I once had to work on a computer game. 5, YpsilantiAnn Arbor is pretty unique in that it was once home to American automotive giant, and infamous for its product recalls, fires, etc, Ford. As the auto industry got increasingly focused on urbanizing in the 1960s and 70s, Ford made this city its home, creating one of its last strongholds in the Midwest. This makes it one of the most culturally diverse places in the U. S which helps it make the list, although most people there still identify most often with the citys more rural surroundings. 6, Ann ArborDetroit was the largest city in Michigan in the 1920s. 7, Ann ArborMichigan is a very diverse state, with a lot of different cultures, religions, and languages. So although you can find a lot of people who consider themselves mainstream or conservative, there are still a diverse amount of people who hold views somewhat different or even repugnant to others who dont share those views. So while some places on the map make perfect sense, Detroit is a very big city and everyone seems to have a good understanding of cars many of the places on here make total dicks of so much logic you think theyre joking. 8, Ann ArborWhen it comes to Ann Arbor, you have a good feel about it because Michigan. 9, YpsilantiThis place is pretty big so Ann Arbor isnt exactly tiny. 10, Ann ArborIm surprised most people dont know about Ann Arbors legendary love of sports teams, because its pretty well known. We have the University of Michigan Wolverines who are probably the most famous college football team in the world. 11, University of Michigan Ann ArborAnn Arbor really got its start around the turn of the century. The area is known to a point where there are lots of old houses that are either being renovated with the intention of making them places for families to live or used as places where residents just live permanently. So why do we have Ann Arbor as No. Its because in the 1960s, the town was actually the birthplace of one of.

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