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You take a deep breath and take a few steps inside. Your nostrils are bombarded by the aroma of smoke wafting from the living room. Your mind wanders off to thoughts of death. One of the first things that hits you are the eyes staring at you from the shattered glass. The reflection seems to be a ghostly shade of its former self. The television sits on the mantel, and another one sits on the coffee table, which has a shattered image of a woman, with red hair in it. She has a pale complexion and her bright lips are hanging halfway open. You walk towards the television, which is cracked on one side. You step across the threshold and knock on the door. A large screen, in the middle of the room, shows a still picture of the living room. There are several more images, on the left and right of the screen, of various cars on the street. Some are old, some are new and others are just dirty. In the middle of the room, a man with a pale face, and a balding head stands next the living room. You push the button to turn the TV off. You push the button to turn the TV off, and wait, on the edge of your seat. The still picture turns into static, and slowly goes black. After a few minutes, you hear the TV start up again. There is a pause in the television, as the mans voice is heard speaking from the screen.

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