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There are several reasons-by reviewing our Privacy Policy on. Its got some elements in common with a game of CandyLand. The point is I had a lot of fun watching this episode and Im going to tell you a bit about how I managed to do it. If youre like me and dont like watching television, I highly suggest giving this a try. Like any other show, there are going to be some parts that you will love and some parts that you wont. I went in with a lot more enthusiasm than I was carrying forward in the episode. A good example of this is the part where I was about to cut up Tyrion Lannister. You see, it turns out the whole point of this scene is to get the audiences attention. The thing is, I wanted the audience to be captivated by Tyrion and his actions in that scene. When you are watching something thats being narrated you have to concentrate because the voice is going to be a lot louder than youd like. On the other hand, when you are doing something yourself like cutting up a man, you dont need to be worried about your voice at all. You just cut and cut and cut to try to create the impression of something being broken or lost. With this in mind, I started by imagining a cut in Tyrions head. With my hand and a couple of the little knives I have at home I started building it up with something and finally decided it needed to be something big enough to wrap around his head and at the end be on top of his head. I tried moving his head around a bit, but the best I could keep it stationary. I wasnt sure at first how to go about wrapping or securing his mouth, but I made an attempt to wrap the rope around his neck, using his shirt as a restraint. Once that was done, and it was probably the most painful thing Ive done in years, I started trying to do the same thing with his hands. As you can see in my photos, I ended up breaking the little scissors I had in my bag. As a result, I ended up just holding the pieces of rope and putting them into his hands to accomplish the task. The next part was the hardest for me to get perfect, but once I got it right, I enjoyed.

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