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This collection is coming at the right time, since Hailey will be hanging out with Rapunzel thisyear and has been waiting on the list. Bella Has been the only other model into these scrunchies and the trend is still very hot right now. Rapunzel is a plus for you, as well, as shes a character thats always in your home and is the only one that will be wearing them. Hailey was recently spotted at a concert wearing one. With our collection, you can lookforward to wearing the right scrunchies as a unique sneak peek into Bella s home, the one time youll be allowed to look. At our shop youll be ableShare Tweet Share Email Shares 1. 4k total shares total sharesAboutDIE is a type of catchphrase associated with a series of image macros featuring a crying anthropomorphised raccoon with a caption in which he threatens people with death via a variety of violent means. In addition to its use in image macros, the phrase has been used in other contexts that are unrelated to the image macros. OriginRaccoon images have been used in various comedy images since the early 2000s. According to Urban Dictionary, the earliest known use of the phrasal template DIE could be seen on the webcomic Raccoon Businesses on July 18th, 2008. On February 15th, 2009, an anonymous 4chan user submitted an image macro titled dum-dup, shown below, in which a raccoon with an overly serious look on its face holds a knife to an image of two people, one of them being a young girl, shown below, left Within seven years, the post accumulated upwards of 2,500 up votes and 90 comments. This is What Its Really Like, which featured a video of raccoons playing with a ball, which transitions into a scene in which the raccoons show signs of violence, shown below Within five months, the video gained over 4 million views and 140 comments. On October 7th, YouTuber TheBuddhaTroll uploaded a video titled What Do Raccoons Eat.

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