Celebrities who are leaving if trump wins

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Celebrities who pledged to leave America if Trump won. You pledge your loyalty to the presidentI pledge my loyalty as a citizen to The Commander in Chief. I am a citizen of this great nation, and your right hand. You order a beer while staring out at the city. Pretty much just as you say Suzy. Ve got my mom to take care of me. You pull your own chair closer to the bar, leaning against the bar with your elbows on the armrests. I will have a shot for me too since this is my first time here. M just going to sit here for a moment and enjoy my drink. Julie walks over to you and grabs your hand that is holding the root beer. She places your drink down on the bar so that the root beer can sit on your hand. So where have you been spending your time these past few days. Ve been taking care of some family matters. Ve been having a nice life too you know what I mean. Re so old and fat you hardly move anymore. Julie places her hand on her heart.

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