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And, of course, a couple of very sad facts: 1. Those facts are sad enough, but these facts are even sadder:1. You are probably prepared for survival, or at least the possibility of survival. This is very well, and you wouldnt be here without it, but its not quite enough. When you go to work, you have to be ready to do your job, but you cant just stand at your desk looking at the computer all day, because you have to come in every once in awhile, get a quick bite to eat and then leave. You have to keep going to places, make new friends. You have to do things youd rather not be doing. You have to do things that you think are really weird. You have to go out and meet new people, talk to them, try to get along and make friends. You have to do things that youve only done once before. You have to know about current events you wouldnt know about before because, well, you keep updating your social media. You have to keep in contact with your family because your stepdad is an alcoholic and your mom is a heroin addict. You have to take care of them, like any responsible adult would, but you have to do it because its your job. And then theres the fact that youre not going to be at work much longer, and the fact that you cant go to the parties or whatever you might go to because youll be too busy being worried about your family, worrying about all your things. You will have to put them in a box and put them in a backpack and carry them to a storage unit in the basement and then lug everything to a safe place. You arent sure when you might get back to that safe place. You cant go to shows, because its just going to be another thing you have to go through because you have to be prepared. Youre going to have to live on ramen and coffee for a long time. Youre going to have to go to work every day to keep up on current events to the point where you dont get too high or sleep too much because youre going to wake up all spaced out and then have to get dressed and do it all over again the next day. You change your life to be like that of a normal personYour life has to change, because your life is the one that is going.

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