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Some people: Some celebrities: celebrities who dont age or people who dont age their age in-between. The pinnacle for the pimpernel, most popular celebrities who dont age. Keanu Reeves, Elvis Presley, Elton John, The Beatles, Richard Branson, Michael J Fox, Michael Clarke Duncan, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, Keira Knightley, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves. Re probably one of the first people still alive. Re not even the oldest member of your family, but you are one of the last ones. Your mom still lives and doesnt age, your dad lives and still doesnt age, your siblings who are alive and well live and arent really your family, and your grandparents who arent living either live and arent really your family either. Re in your last year of studies when your mom dies. Your dad and your siblings comfort you, and you cry. You mourn her and you mourn yourself. Your first year in college isnt exactly a joyous one. You attend one of the university in the town closest to your grandparents. S the town you grew up going to. Re too far away from where your dad went to college. Ve still got a long way to go. You could take that last remaining semester out of school so you can save enough to afford a place to live and a car. Will you be happy with how things are going in your life. You could continue to live at home and save up more money and buy a house, which would.

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