Celebrities who hate each other

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Said, they neverThe first time I was at Marie Claire, I was really impressed they didnt have a celebrity news page, What a great concept, Marie Claire I was there to interview me about my new book, When I Die, so I was really hoping to get a quote on that front, since weve been talking about it in the media. Id even written a few essays on the subject. But first thing I noticed was all the celebrities. All the major celebrities, Which we all know is a huge category at Marie Claire, were here. I was also surprised to see so many little known celebs. We were all standing in a huge open room, so it was a big block of celebrities. Some in silence, some were actually filming something. Alright, Im gonna go back to talking, but Im gonna be really brief about this one, cause I dont wanna take up so much time. I turned back to my mic and started to talk. I had to leave, because I have to get ready to go down to the set to do an interview with James Van Der Beek, who plays my boyfriend Scott, which I think you might know about from the Internet. Were really good friends, and Id really like to talk to you about your character. By the time I hit the interview, I was sweating profusely and still had a bandage on my nose. The first thing that happened was, someone said, Dont worry, its not a bad interview. Next, someone else said, You are a really amazing actress, Anne. Im really glad I caught your performance in Weekend at Bernies, because I didnt know there was a female version of Peter Pan. I kept talking, because I thought it was important to be enthusiastic. And then I started sweating even more, because I was trying to keep up the energy. It was finally time for me to get off stage, but I still had several questions to ask them. And I couldnt wait to ask them, because I always get an honest answer, and some good material to work with. And then I was told to go wait for Chris Savino, who was also there. A minute or two later, Chris arrived and started to speak with me. He asked me why I was at the convention, and I told him. The reason why I came to the convention is to audition for your movie, Weekend at Bernies.

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