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The last time we showed the Orange County homes of musicians was a couple months ago, and so far we havent shown the homes of people from Hollywood. We didnt know that you lived there, but we were very impressed with your musical career. Youll see the houses when you arrive here. I have to show you to your hotel, and then I have to give you some instructions. Youll find the hotel on the map, and I can be found there. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. And if you have any comments, Id like to hear all of them. When the tour bus arrives, Harry and you immediately take a spot, and make small talk. You find that most of the people on the bus are people youve seen before. The tour bus is a lot smaller than you expected, so youre glad its parked where it is. Its actually quite a bit longer than the length of the bus ride youd had yesterday, and you almost didnt make it in time, but Harry was nice enough to pull into a place where you can leave your luggage. You quickly get settled, after checking your room. While youre there, you get yourself a book to keep track of the time while youre here. Youve actually got time to read it before leaving the hotel room. You spend the next few hours in the hotel, reading the book. Its a really nice book, with some really good pictures of the places youre going to see. Youre on the second floor, thankfully with an outside view of the place. Youre seeing ocean and some cities from above. The buildings are fairly tall, but mostly old. You see cars, but not too many. The desk is mostly for paperwork, but youre going to use it for one other thing. Im going to let you out of the room now. I wanted to make sure you were comfortable. Harry says, standing up and heading to the desk. He opens it up, and takes out a small, green case with a small key-hole. They can be read by an ultrasound scanner you might have been given. You take the key-hole and insert it into the small hole in the desk. You hear the door slowly open, and Harry walks in with a suitcase. Now lets go, before you get headaches or anything.

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