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It is my intention to live for the rest of my natural life in the Garden District. You are not famous for anything else, except your name, which is well known to the world. You are known by more than 40 million people. The city is known to you and by 40 million people. Most people think you are a great musician, even if there is no evidence that you are one, but few people can name you as one of the greatest musicians in the world. It is a difficult title for you to handle, since you are just another ordinary man who happens to make great music, like anybody else. If there were such a thing as a greatest musician, then you would surely be among the list. Your band, the Artist, is ranked as the best in the world. The most important thing in your life, then, is your art. Your art can never be appreciated by a single man, because it is an expression of an inner spirit, the expression of a secret being. You are the symbol of the inner reality; it is your life. You live in a two-story house built of red brick, looking on to a square park in the back. The front porch has a flagpole supporting a flag which has two white crosses on top. Inside the front door is a small, square piano, which you use for composing. You have only one brother, whose name you do not know. He lives in New Jersey, but goes back to New Orleans several times a year. He is in trouble with the law and has spent a year in prison. There is an old wooden box on the mantelpiece, which you use for throwing out used toilet paper. You do not know what it is used for, but you know it must be very useful to somebody important. You are a man of many moods, and your heart is restless during the long nights of the year when you are writing. Sometimes you fall into a deep sleep, for you feel as if you were dreaming, but when.

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