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The characters on the list are the most prominent stars who have married fans, although they have also dated other people in the past, and are the most likely to have had a child with them, and are also the most likely to have a child with them The characters on the list are listed in order of how popular they are. George Millais was married to Jennifer Grey from 1961-1972. He and Grey had two children together. Jeff Altman was married to Susan Kornbluth from 1966-1980. He and Kornbluth had eight children together. Jack Cassidy was married to Mary Cassiday from 1947-1956. He and Cassiday had three children together. James Garner was married to Jocelyn Ralston from 1964-1975. He and Ralston had two children together. Cary Elwes was married to Anne Walker from 1958-1974. He and Walker had three children together. Richard Chamberlain was married to Sharon Mazerly from 1969-1970. Jack Lemmon was married to Suzanne Farrell from 1956-1970. Richard Harris was married to Donna Hayward from 1979-1986. Richard Widmark was married to Jane Dowd from 1961-1979. Gary Cooper was married to Susan Hayward from 1949-1999. You have a child with your favorite actor or actressIf you had a child with any of the celebrities on this list, you are about as likely to go to heaven as they are. That doesnt mean you shouldnt marry the celebrity yourself and have children with them, but you should at least know why that celebrity is on this list. We are a volunteer run non-profit which provides vital support and help for children and youth in the North-Eastern Ontario region. We are the only organization in the area providing help for children and youth in need both during the winter and in the summer months. Our programs are unique, because we work with children ages 3-12. These children have not been in school for long and often have no idea of their future career goals. We provide a warm bed to sleeping children and provide them with nutritious dinner each night. We have a meal service called Moms Special that provides meals at mealtime, as well as snacks, drinks and snacks at bedtime. We provide these kids with extra time each day to learn and grow, we also have a special team of volunteers who are on-call 24 hours a day. All of the meals and snacks are provided by community members and we have partnered with the community to help out with this service.

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