Celebrities who passed away in 2017

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I cant believe hes dead for like five minutes, says his son, who has never met his father. The young man is slumped over in his chair, his head resting on his arms. He looks like hes in a deep sleep. It was the man who made his name as a child actor on films like The Three Amigos and The Pink Panther, who became a household name as Marty McFly, the eponymous protagonist of the 1984 sci-fi classic Back to the Future. His role as the youthful McFly was, in fact, the first role he ever had in front of the camera, but the actor who played him is no longer with us. When Back to the Future came out, it was all the way back in 1986. The day the movie came out was the first of a long line of memorable celebrations for the film. There were birthday parties for the actors who had appeared in the films and, of course, for John Travolta. Travolta, for his role in the film, is now 65 years old. The role that really made him famous, however, is that of the adult Marty McFly. He suffered a heart attack last year, his agent said at the time. His son from that marriage, Jett Reid died in 2014. The actor is survived by his wife Susan Bay, who is six months pregnant with the couples second child. The new Downtown area will be your new base of operations. Youre going to be able to stay here longer than you were at your old Home – but it looks like it might be your last chance to stay a while because its gonna get a lot harder to stay here. There is a new group of thugs who are going to harass you. Theyre going to try to make you change your way of life so that they will no longer hassle you anymore. You wont listen to the threats, so youre going to have to fight back and protect your last days here. You go to the Downtown area and take the best hotel that you canIf you arent willing to fight back now when the troublemakers are here, then youre never going to have them, and youll lose this place forever. As the thugs approach, you can hear the sounds of an explosion going.

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