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You you you You you you you youYou sit back in your chair and start fidgeting a bit, clearly trying to work out what to do next. You know, as an actor, you should really try using your head when dressing your character. You know, in movies, some people dont even shave their armpits. You immediately get up from your seat, getting even more nervous. Look at all those cool movies with cool characters that did that. Youre starting to get annoyed by how nervous youre making yourself look. You give upLook, I know youre a nice guy and Id never say anything bad about how youre growing hair, but your choice in how to shave it is kinda weird. Yes, and I have to say, I didnt realize they were so thin and small compared to the rest of the hair there, but they sure are very prominent looking. Plus, theyre getting in the way of the eyelashes of the character. You look back down at your own hair and shake your head, still not knowing what to say. Maybe youre just too nervous to argue. Okay, fine, if you want me to go with it, then I guess Ill go with it. Well, you could go with the short look I suggested, that should look pretty cool for you. Or you could try shaving down the eyebrows a little bit more. I usually go for those thick eyebrows on Brad Pitt in Apocalypse Now. Youll look like Brad Pitt in that look. If you want to go for that look, then go with it. Oh, geez, its a big world out there, and I dont have that kind of time. I guess nothings gonna happen; Im just gonna go with my natural look. You continueOkay, okay, Ill go with your natural look. If I want to go with the Brad Pitt look, then Ill go with that, but as far as I can tell, if I want to look like myself, Im not going to try to cover up my natural looks and instead go with something that makes me look the way I do. Well, as for what do I do with hair, Ill just go with the messy look.

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