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She said She is s new relationship is with a man and they live together. She then went on to say, she has been in relationships with both, and continued to discuss with who and their relationship relationship status. Im so glad she did this, because honestly, in the LGBT world, there is still a lot of homophobia and bigotry. To be honest, Im pretty sure this is one of the best things theyve done. Not just coming out, but actually being willing to talk about their sexuality. I mean, a lot of gays dont even tell their families about their sexuality. Not to mention coming out as bisexual isnt like coming out as a gay or lesbian. As for Willow, shes obviously been a long time supporter of bisexuality and in the LGBT community. Shes really stepped up her commitment and is much more out than most of her celebrity friends. Im also so glad they have talked about their sexuality because it reminds me of an older generation who didnt have the Internet. I feel like I grew up in 1997, but I was 6, so theres a chance some of this is even older, I have a friend who is bi and he used to tell us stories about how people would call him an effeminate effeminate faggot in the 90s. I also have a friend who is gay, and from his comments in passing he was probably the first LGBT person he met and I remember when it first became legal to be out in high school, he would get a lot of comments about how guys cant go around liking girls and then some guys would call him a dyke as if they were being homophobic. Things werent really better, but it was at least a bit better in my day. I wonder what it wouldve been like if we just kept our homosexuality a secret. What if they had come out just a bit earlier and been less defensive and tried to find us friends before they attacked us. As it stands now, I dont expect too much from Willow, and she does deserve the world. She made it to her 30s and shes still working a desk job. Shes not even a pop star or anything. A lot of us are more prone to depression and alcoholism or drug abuse.

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