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Hey guys, Im posting this as a bit of a research project and I thought it might be interesting to gather information on a topic that Ive found to be relatively popular for a reason, and Ive noticed that celebrities seem to enjoy cannabis as well. I have attempted to gather information for this survey for the purpose of learning just how common this plant is in todays society and what the people around the world use it for and if it is indeed legal everywhere. Hopefully this will shed more light on the topic, as Im curious to know some of this information. RequiredThe first time I met John F. Kennedy, he was sitting in his study in the Old Executive Office Building in Washington, sipping his whiskey and staring at the ceiling. A book that has recently come to be regarded as possibly the most important book published in all of American history, perhaps the most important book ever written. It was the first edition of Profiles in Courage by Patrick Henry, but the subject matter was the very first Congress of the United States. It was a document that marked the beginnings of the Republic, and it has inspired the best of Americans from generation to generation, for better and worse. Over the years, it has been cited in every revolution since, and it has been cited in every war since. But most remarkable of all is the fact that the first edition of Profiles in Courage has had an enormous impact on the American body politic. It is, in many ways, the best-selling book in American history, and it is the greatest seller ever, period, but it is not just a book. We have seen, and we all know, and we all feel that, whatever the present condition of our Government, whatever the present condition of our country, that record of courage and resolution will always remain a shining example and will continue to inspire our children and our childrens children, whoever the circumstances may be. The people who sit next to each of us in this chamber can all testify to that, and I am sure that the President, the First Lady, or any of them can attest to that. They have all seen, and they all know, and they all feel that. The first Congress that met in 1789 is a little-known piece of American history, but it is no longer a piece of American history. There are many stories about this first Congress that are not very pretty. Some are too ugly to be true; others are too true. It was a powerful gathering of American men, of the first generation of Americans.

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