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In all reality he isnt a true anon.

Not too surprising thats whys one may see animes with Wests name after it in his. When you get back to the hotel, you find that the girls that were with you the night before are now completely drunk from the party and all of the guys are now trying to hook up with them. Ve got more alcohol in their blood than a bottle rocket. The party buses and cars are already making their way back to the city and the streets of Chicago are now starting to clear. You and the girls start to walk down the street when you both hear the loud sound of a helicopter. Re dressed all in black, but for their faces. Re in and a lot more yelling from behind them as you hear an explosion behind you. Re coming for you, You turn and run back down the street trying to get away as fast as you can. The three men in black suits are now following you and at this point everyone is screaming as gunfire is fired. Bullets crack through windows and hit people in the street. Eventually you run across an intersection and run right into an old man with a cane. The old man takes a bullet in his chest and you hear him gasping for breath. You turn and look and see the helicopter and the helicopter with a gun pointed at you. You try to run and turn around, just then the old man fires a bullet right into your back. T get hit by the bullets that are currently flying through the air. Re stopped by the old man just standing there.

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