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T heard about Aspergers or Asperger syndrome before. T think they exist, you just heard about it and it sounded scary. T know much about celebrities with Aspergers either and they just sound like people that are asocial. T know much about famous people with Aspergers syndrome. Some of them, like Courtney Love and Dan Akroyd have been known to date each other and have kids. S all a bit too much to believe, you think maybe this is part of their acts to get the most attention. You decide to believe this and to not spread any misinformation to the public in the future. T wait up and just get in the car. You thank her and get in the car and head back home. You drive to your house and go inside. Re actually a little surprised to see that your mom is actually home rather early. Ll be upstairs in a few minutes getting something before she gets in the car. She tells you to just come inside, relax and not to make any sudden movements. S room and you get a bit nervous again when you see your Mom standing in the doorway. I know this is a lot harder on you than it would be on your son.

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