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Now that you know the facts, you can do one of two things. You leave with your feelings safe, like they deserve. You can either stay here in your sadness and denial, or you can do something about it. The only thing keeping you here is you dont want to be the bad guy for the world to see, so you decide to be the good one for yourself and leave. You leave your house and head down to the mall, you know that there are many celebrities with children there, you feel like you have to say something, but you dont really know what to say, they all seem to be fine with it and you know many of them do it all the time for their kids. As you walk through the mall, you get more and more upset by your situation, then you get angry, as you head towards your car you look and see your sons body. D be this angry about something you had no control over. You get kicked out of the mall and even in the car park. T have to worry about people paying attention to you. Re not surprised when you knock on the door, your brother opens it and tells you that you got to leave. So what do you want to do now. D just had a few more choices. THURSDAYYou wake up to the sound of cheerful music and the smell of food. You grab your phone from your night stand, where you noticed that it was at least 6:30 when you left it and check your messages.

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