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We need to talk about cellulite, because I think this could be a problem, he says. Look, the world was created about 5 billion years ago and the universe was only created about 1 billion years ago. Before then, there were no women. No women will live after they die. There will be no women before the end of the world. But wait, there was a time when there were no women. You mean like a few centuries ago, he replies. There were no women before that, right. So what do you mean there were no women before the end of the world. The only thing thats different about you is that youre a woman. All other people are exactly the same as you. All women are the same, you know why. Because women are created the same as men, only they have one less set of chromosomes, he says. That means theyre biologically less capable of procreation, he says. Why should I care about something like this when it doesnt affect me. Because its all so damn important, he says. Because if your reproductive system isnt working properly, then your body could potentially explode, and thats not fun or a good feeling, thats a very bad feeling, the man replies. You know that sex and reproduction go hand in hand, but you dont know why women have fewer than men. The idea is so strange to you, youve never thought about it before, but now that you think about it, you know why youre not getting pregnant. Theres no way to know if this will happen to you, but its a very real possibility, and its why you need to talk to a doctor, because you dont want this to happen to you or anyone else. The man turns around and walks away from the counter. Look, I dont need to know why Im less capable of reproducing, but why should I care if women arent as capable as men.

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