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Not at all, there were a few bikers, but they were all family back home, plus they all had the same taste in music. Plus I know for a fact that there were no girls with dirty blonde hair at that time. Kitty laments this fact for about a minute before you continue. You say and go back to your computer to continue your shopping. You spend another couple hours just browsing though you eventually give up and go to bed. FRIDAYYou wake up to a knock on your door and a familiar voice. Got some pretty good news for ya. Yep, now let me just go in here and get you out. Ll just put the handcuffs on you now and take you to the front door. You head out of your room and open the door. You see a very large and very pale blond woman in a dark business suit walking towards you. S amazing what you can do with an open mind. You say and let her guide you to a chair.

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