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Shaking your head, you start walking away from the table with Rex Ryan and Elvis Presley. Okay guys, you two are gonna give me that big, fat, sloppy kiss on the foot. S mouth hangs open for a moment, before he nods and kisses his partner once on the foot. M going to try to convince any of you fags to kiss on my feet. S table and head back to your table. I told you not to come talk to me like that. I told you thats not an acceptable way to speak to anyone, let alone a woman. What the hell did you think would happen. And suck you off like a good little foot slut. T think you meant any of the things you said. T say YOU were a foot whore or anything like that. You just said you had a fetish. Yeah I think I better get the hell out of here. After Elvis leaves, you start to think the conversation had a chance to go somewhere good, but you start to wonder if it was a bad idea to talk to him in the first place. Well you did start out by stealing candy from G. S more like a tentative sort of touch and.

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