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The impurities that you had while lying about your self have been solved I think. You can actually get something special, something special in your life, even in this life. You know, youre going to live to see the day when you have kids. I mean when I do, are we going to start telling the kids about it. M not sure I can do it after what happened. Ve done something that will probably change the rest of their lives. You just told me I had to go through my implants. S not really something she gives a shit about I suppose. Re the one who is going to tell the world and how are you going to do it. You are given a long skinny needle like device with two prongs and a small metal piece inside. Looking at it in your hand you see that it looks almost like a large pair of pliers. You hold it a little closer to your body for effect, though you know this isnt going to save your life, but perhaps give you some pleasure. You look at itYour look at what is inside the device as it approaches your body is one of utter horror.

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