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The story of the late great comedian and writer Willy Wonka, real name Arthur Hiller as recounted by the book and film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The story begins at the end of the 19th century, when Willy Wonka, real name Arthur Hiller, is a struggling writer working in a chocolate factory in England. He is an over-eager and uneducated man, and has no idea what the book or movie about him are about. He is befriended by Charlie Bucket, Tom Joad a lazy and obnoxious worker who thinks of himself as a poor mans Charlie Chaplin. Willy Wonka has little experience with women whatsoever, but Charlie Bucket is very picky about them. One day, Charlie Bucket falls into a chocolate water fountain and is swept away. No one knows where he is, and nobody knows why he couldnt have just put his hand through the opening of the water fountain. Finally, Willy Wonka finds him, and he is taken to the Wonkas chocolate factory. A young boy named Stanley Honey, Humphrey Bogart, comes to the factory, because he is a huge fan of movie soundtracks. On the day of the big event, he doesnt get a job. Her mother was quite the respectable person, so she left Charlie to her own devices. Nobody can really say that he was ever nice, but there was a reason why he created a whole factory of humans instead of a human or two. There is no way that the people he created could ever have had a happy childhood. His factory workers are a lot different from Charlie Bucket. They are much tougher, and they dont work as hard. They are given a lot more freedom and have a lot more power. The factory is run like a dictatorship, with no concern for the workers feelings. One day, Charlie Bucket makes a little mistake. Wonka is a strict man, and he has a short temper. He doesnt care what people do, if it inconveniences the factory. In the middle of this, Charlie Bucket is sent to a place called the Willy Miners Village. Charlie is the only miner who comes out of this place. Only a little boy and a dwarf from the Willy Miners Village come from the factory to the Willy Miners Village, and the.

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