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The last thing you need is some rich douchebag taking everything you have. The next night, after going to bed, you suddenly get a strange feeling. You dont just feel this odd, you actually feel it in the pit of your stomach, and you arent sure whether its the sun or your subconscious mind playing tricks on you, but you feel very uncomfortable. That discomfort is multiplied when you think back on that weird experience and you think that if you do feel uneasy, its not just because of your feelings of uneasiness, but also because of who you know the Stranger is. Theres probably no way to tell in this situation where exactly you are in relation to the Stranger, but you decide that you do know that he lives in a town called Mariposa, and if you continue to keep moving on this current route you took down, you get to Mariposa in about a day and a half. As you walk down the road, youre not really sure what to expect since youve never been this close to the town before, much less this far. You keep thinking that you are just going to continue down the same route you took when you first came here yesterday, but instead you find that you have to pass through this forest. Youre not really sure whats going on here, but then again you arent really feeling very wise at the moment, and you turn your head, take a look at the road ahead of you and keep walking. You also dont really know why, but you take a quick glance up at the signpost pointing in this direction. After about an hour of walking you finally reach the end of the road, and there are two signs, one on the left and one on the right. You take the left signThe left sign says Mariposa High School. Both of these seem to mean very different things, so you take the left sign. After all, youre just here to see the school, not to go talk to some creepy stranger and eat the dairy. At first sight you can see the school building, the front of which looks like a standard metal and concrete building. Then you notice the fence, which is of the same sturdy metal and concrete as the building. The fence looks relatively new though, so its appearance isnt too shabby. As for the inside of the school, after taking a quick glance around you see that it looks just like the outside. Of course there are a couple of things that dont seem at all typical about these school buildings. One thing you notice is that the door of the school isnt located on the outside of the building, but on the inside.

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