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You see that there are some stars in the film industry, but there are also some celebrities in the television and music industries and most of the ones that are in music or television industry are not really that well-off. Your father said, It would be fine if you do not study any other field, but since you are already enrolled in college, you should definitely study a subject that is related to your interest. You look around and realize, what he meant by this, is the subject matter that you are the most talented in is music and you should study that. Even though there are a number of other subjects that might be better for you, you are fairly certain that you will be able to do well in music. You are also certain that you will be able to do well in a field that is related to your interests. You study ChemistryYou decide to study Chemistry because you feel that the subject area is the best for you. It is also one that you have been very interested in for quite some time and is likely to offer you some career development opportunities. While studying Chemistry, you learn a lot about how the human body functions and what is required in order to synthesize various chemicals. You are also taught about some of the products that are made and the various kinds of reactions that take place. You the basics of chemistryAfter doing the homework on chemistry and doing a few experiments, you realize for the first time that you really should have done this during high school. If you had, you would have avoided a lot of the major mistakes you are currently making during your current studies and you would have been able to start your career earlier. At the end of the day, you are getting yourself into more trouble than you need to be and you have to take a moment to relax. You check the time and realize that it is getting close to midnight, which is a good thing, because you have to be up early tomorrow. Hours pass and still you stay in bed. It is getting late, but you are still on edge. Just as you are about to fall asleep, you hear the sound of rushing water in the distance, then you look out the window and see that you are not dreaming. You see in the distance a large, white boat. If you were a real captain on a real sailing boat, you would be saluting the sun. Instead, you are just lying in bed staring at the ceiling, trying to remember how to breathe. The boat approaches the edge of town and you see a dock. Maybe someone will come out and board the boat, you think to yourself. Maybe some people will come out and board the boat on their way back to school.

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