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In other words, when a celebrity signs on to endorse a product, thats just another dollar in a very big bucket. Now, when a celebrity doesnt sign on to endorse a product, its a loss for the agency. Of course, the agency has to get the star anyway, so they might as well get something in return. The beauty brand MAC has been using this system for years. If you are an aspiring model, and were sure there are a lot of you out there, you probably would not be on the agencys radar were it not for MACs endorsement deals. You could not have the modeling jobs without their help. The agency doesnt have to win you over, it just needs to have a relationship with you to promote their brand. In the world of endorsements, there are three main points:1. The product being endorsed will make or enhance the appearance of the endorsement;2. The brand promoting the product will be the same brand that the celebrity is associated with; and3. These factors combine to create a lot of opportunities for celebrities. In fact weve been seeing more celebrities enter the endorsement business recently. The problem is that weve also been seeing more celebrities leaving. Many times a celebrity can get money out of an agency just by agreeing to a deal. The celebrity can then get out of the endorsement deal, take the money and spend it on something else. Of course if the agency did their job, theyd make sure the money would stay in the agency rather than the celebritys pockets. As we discuss in the next section, some are not always doing their job, The bottom line is that the celebrity endorsement game is a big money making game. Some agencies take the more cautious approach and require celebrities to be on-site for most of the endorsement to be worth the money. What if you can do the endorsement in your own home. The answer to this question is a lot easier than you might think. How To Make The Most of A Celebrity EndorsementHow To Make The Most Of A Celebrity EndorsementIn this section, well show you the easiest and most versatile way to use a celebrity endorsement to show how well it all works in the long run. Well also address some negative aspects of this system. It can be any type of video, but well be using a video that weve created in which we introduce this system. Its always good to have a sample video to show how celebrities are endorsing products, but weve also found that when using celebrities, its more effective to keep the videos length to under 20 minutes if.

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