Celebrity faces were lampooned in distorted photos supposedly conforming to the golden ratio…

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A series of other questions follow, about your life, especially if youre rich or poor or if you have a family. You type as fast as you can, but its no use, and the game promptly ends. You sigh and slump back in the chair, the thought of the next few days seem so boring. Ve missed your train by several minutes. Ve been using your phone in an annoying manner, like you were texting a random stranger, and not your loved one. Just wanted to see how I was doing with the new messages, guess those messages got through to you. M already sorry I missed your stop. Just wanted to see how I was doing after such a long absence. Thanks for catching up on some old times. Hey Suzy, sorry for not checking in on ya. T help but think about your mother; how much you miss her. For the next few hours, you type out a series of questions to yourself. S your name and where do you live.

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