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But then, I mean you want to be a rock star right. T want to go through the bullshit that the rest of us are forced to go through. So for an entire year you go into a sort of post-punk purgatory only to get back to your previous status. After all is said and done you still feel slightly guilty about your past actions and decide to re-enter the rest of the year like you were before. Re starting to get depressed about moving on to some unknown place. You think about all the good times you had with the GZ. Boys, going to other places like Woodstock, Lollapalooza or even England to play all those shows. At one point you even even thought about making that trip after all those years, but in the end you never did. One day in the middle of November you get a knock on the door. S when you started noticing all this change. T knocked twice, you open the door. You say opening up the door to your sister who is just standing here with a big grin.

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