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Re only going to be doing it for a little while. D no longer be able to afford to do this. Re going to want to return to your real job is it would allow you to spend more time with your child. D never get to do it during the time you have left. S just taking a little longer than you think. For the rest of the month, you make your calls. As you make more calls, your phone signal goes up and you begin to get a steady stream of phone calls. You get messages from some of the celebrities that you called, and they all say nice things about you. Re really looking forward to doing business with them in the future. The phone calls mean more than money ever could. You have a really good run for a couple of months and in October, your phone stops ringing. You stop calling, but your profits keep coming in. Re counting the money that you were collecting. T in the right mind frame when you did it, and now is the right time to put that to the side. You just start to feel guilty about it when you have to leave your house on a regular basis. Ve been spending too much time with your daughter and not enough time with the rest of your family. Re tired of being away from them and you decide to call it quits.

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