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As the elevator continues to ascend, you look out the top window and notice some of the things you saw on your first trip down to the subway station. You see people on the floor in various costumes and various places all over the city. You see neon characters on signs and signs. You even see a few of the actors and actresses from the show Gang Related watching the action. And in one thing you notice, a few of them are talking to each other. Im so happy to see how many people are in the city, even if some of the people were there to see people who werent there. The stars are here, on the rooftop, in the park, on a boat, in their costumes. Its music and laughter, friends and love, good times and happiness. You have watched a lot of TV shows and movies about celebrities. Celebrities have always been used as a source of fun entertainment. So are we going to party like we often do. We are going to party, and were going to do it in a way that youve never seen before, in a city full of people youve never seen before. If youve seen it now, youve seen it all. There are a lot of things I dont want to know. You exit the elevator, and start walking down the street. At first, youre in a hurry, but you quickly realize that maybe you shouldnt hurry. Slow down for a bit, and see if you can see more details in this nightmarish city. You take it slowSlow down for a while, and see if you can see more details in this nightmarish city. Its your turn to exit the elevator, and the elevator door closes. You follow it to the bottom, and you notice that theres a lot more people on the street now. There are also a lot of cars now; it looks like the night is still in full swing. One of the subway cars has a lone girl in the window. Her short platinum blonde hair is partially in a ponytail.

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